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All other banners will move down one spot and the very last banner drops the page completely.
The possibilites are endless.Even if one person signs up under you, or say 2 people sign under you?
What if those one or 2 people get 10 or even 20 peopleto signup under them? Your banner will only drop down by 1 position and there is really nothing to lose.This will go on and on and on. You banner viewed by millions of people!

No special coding or php script involved!
Just copy html code and paste into a new page, upload to your server!

Position #1 traffup
Position #2 linkshare
Position #3 freehosting
Position #4 legacyhits
Position #5 trafficg
Position #6 10khits
Position #7 thetrafficpot
Position #8 trafficncash

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